Practitioner Information

If you have a gift to share within the community and are looking for a place to offer your talents, Just Breathe may be the place for you.

We offer a simple space rental or a collaboration with Just Breathe.  Please see below for details.

We have a large community room that can accommodate approximately 30 people for classes, events, and other services. Chairs, yoga mats, blankets and bolsters are available.  A table and chairs is set for one-on-one consultation sessions.

In addition to the large community room, we have a small private room set up with a massage table and accessories available for your healing sessions.

We do not rent the space to the general public for private parties, however if you need meeting space for your group or club,  renting at Just Breathe is easy and affordable.

Just Breathe Rental Rate:  $25 for 90 minutes

Whether you are serving a single client or holding a group meeting, the entire space at Just Breathe is available for one rate.

Private Room

Includes use of massage/reiki table.  Bring your own linens.  Blankets and a pillow are available as well as battery-operated candles and a portable CD player with Bluetooth.

Main Room

Includes use of the space, chairs, yoga mats, bolsters, & blankets.  There is a folding banquet table and two card tables, an easel or table-top whiteboard and markers,  portable CD player with Bluetooth, candles, incense,  and smudging supplies.

Please use this link to reserve and pay for your room rental Back to back reservations allow you to rent the space for periods longer than 90 minutes.  We will contact you to confirm your reservation and provide you with information about accessing and using the space.  If you need assistance or have questions, please call us at 856-735-5830 or email us at

Just Breathe Class/Workshop Collaboration

The collaboration is the perfect way to begin offering classes at Just Breathe if you are new to teaching or to this community and need help attracting people to your classes and workshops.  Even experienced teachers with followings can benefit by collaborating with Just Breathe to offer classes.

By collaborating with Just Breathe, you’ll benefit from our experience in setting up workshops and classes, advertising and social media promotion, e-mail promotion to our community members, and assistance every step of the way.  Just Breathe benefits by bringing new classes, teachers and ideas to the community, keeping the offerings fresh and plentiful.

To get started, please complete our Class Proposal Form.

A 60/40 Split is applied to proceeds received from participants.   The rate is  40% to Just Breathe and 60% to the teacher/facilitator.

For classes and workshops offered at Just Breathe, we offer:

  1. Use of the space including all available chairs, tables, mats, blankets, bolsters, incense, candles, smudge, lighting, CD players, Bluetooth speaker, free Wi-Fi
  2. Social media, website, and newsletter promotion,
  3. Creation of event/class on-line with associated links for on-line registration, fee collection and participant list

Just Breathe handles all on-line registrations and collection of fees.  Where there are walk-ins, or for those who prefer to pay cash at the door, the teacher/facilitator will typically receive the attendees and collect all payments.   We utilize a tracking sheet for classes to capture all information and reconcile totals.  The Teacher/facilitator is paid either the day of the event or within the week following the event/class.  Ongoing weekly classes such as yoga are reconciled and paid at the end of the month.

Please contact us with questions or complete the class proposal form  

Click here for the Class Proposal form.