In Training

I’m reading Christian D. Larson’s book, The Optimist Creed, which contains several of his books, one which was published in 1910 is titled “Your Forces and How to Use Them.” Larson provides a road map for those who have awakened to their true divine nature and encourages practice in the art of living from that truth. This morning, I read this:

Say to yourself a hundred times every day and mean it with all your heart: I will become more than I am. I will achieve more and more every day because I know that I can. I will recognize only that which is good in myself; only that which is good in others; only that in all things and places that I know should live and grow. When adversity threatens I will be more determined than ever in my life to prove that I can turn all things to good account. And when those whom I have trusted seem to fail me, I will have a thousand times more faith in the honor and nobleness of man. I will think only of that which has virtue and worth. I will wish only for that which can give freedom and truth. I will expect only that which can add to the welfare of the race. I will live to live more. I will speak to give encouragement, inspiration and joy. I will work to be of service to an ever-increasing number. And in every thought, word and action, my ruling desire shall be, to enrich, en-noble and beautify existence for all who come my way.

Many years ago, I received a download of information that seemed to come from no where. It was the idea that we are both human and divine, and living life here on Earth in order to allow the divine to experience life in physical form. It was this download that permeated my being, driving me to create a concept of a spiritual fitness center where divine beings, expressing as human beings, could train to overcome the weaknesses inherent in living from only one dimension of our reality. It was the seed that has been planted as Just Breathe Spiritual Community Center and it was the reason my website URL is We are all divine beings on a mission to overcome the illusions of this world and live from our truth in harmony and joy with all sentient beings in this magical place called Earth.

So today I want to bring your attention to training to activate and use all the powers of the divine self. It is not enough to become familiar with the great teachers who have provided us with wisdom, inspiration and guidance. It is not enough to learn about our psychic abilities, and to practice to enhance them in our day to day lives. It is not enough to intellectually understand the principles of the Universal Laws that govern our existence and which provide ease of use of our latent powers. All of that is necessary and important, but it is not enough. We must practice. We must be in training by living from this truth and using what Larson outlines in this paragraph. We must use the power of our thoughts, our emotions, our actions, and our words and we must be desiring to, as he says, “enrich, en-noble and beautify existence for all who may come my way.”

Who comes our way? It’s not always the most pleasant people. Sometimes the person who comes our way may be someone who pushes our buttons, with behavior that we find reprehensible. The ones who come our way don’t think like we do, they don’t care about what we care about, and they may even be perceived to have evil intentions – wishing harm upon us. What does our training tell us to do in these instances?

Jesus had a plan for that type of encounter. In the Sermon on the Mount, when He taught to “turn the other cheek,” Jesus encourages us not to resist evil, because giving our attention to evil just invites more evil into our lives. As a spiritual teacher, I have many occasions to encounter the darkness that lives inside our minds and hearts. The “darkness” that I speak of here is the kind that makes us afraid, that makes us doubt, that makes us want to shut our open hearts, that makes us fear “the other.” We don’t have to pal around with those whom we disagree with or dislike for whatever reason, but as a student of Truth, living from the Divine within, we should be able to see through the veil of illusion into the heart of the afflicted so that we can extend compassion and empathy. Invite love into the wound so it can heal. Don’t turn up the flame to scorch what tenderness may be struggling to find the Light. We owe it to each other to do that much and to make it our number one desire to enrich, en-noble and beautify existence for all who may come our way.

We are in training. We need practice. We have plenty of opportunities to do just that. Let’s get going with our evolution and move forward, not backward. Release beliefs that invite darkness and focus only on the Light, and no darkness shall ever have power over you.

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