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Welcome to Just Breathe!

About 5 years ago, I had a vision of a place like a fitness center, but instead of working out on a treadmill, people could “work out” on yoga mats, or on meditation cushions, or together elevating their vibrations to connect with one another and grow deeper into an understanding of the divine within.

I know that life can be tough.  It changes all the time.  We get caught up in drama.  Sometimes we’re just feeling detached, unsure what to do with ourselves.  We ask questions like why am I here? What’s the point of having a life if all I’m doing is running around like a nut trying to get through my “to do” list?  We get down.  We get frustrated.  We get hopeless and disheartened, even in the midst of what seems to be a great life – we wander looking for something that feels real.  It’s the human experience.

Let’s remember that we’re also divine.  That’s right, in each living thing is a divine essence, the truth of our nature is divine.  We are meant to love deeply, to appreciate sunsets and children’s laughter.  We want to be with people laughing and having fun, enjoying a good meal or just simply staring up at the stars at night.  The Divine in us wants to experience Itself through a sense-bound being.  That’s why we’re here.  It’s that simple.

As you look through the offerings at Just Breathe, know that behind each class or each service is an individual who answered the call to go a little deeper, to reach a little higher to become someone who is in service to the Divine in all of us.  There is something unique and special about each class, each practitioner, each student, each client….all of us.  Together we create community.  This is a spiritual community center, not a church or a formal organization, but a loosely bound space that allows for spiritual expression in whatever form that wants to take, through whomever wants to put it forward.

If you have something to offer, reach out to us.  My name is Rita and together with my friend Christine we are working to make sure Just Breathe is available to you to provide you with space, love, appreciation, information, healing, friendship, joy, laughter, harmony, blessings, attunements, certifications, training, and the list goes on and on.

Hope to see you here soon enjoying the peaceful vibes of a sacred space.


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