Just Breathe: A Spiritual Community Center was a space devoted to addressing the needs of spiritually-minded people and others who came seeking healing, community, and support for their journey through life.

As of June 1, 2021, the physical location of Just Breathe Spiritual Community Center has permanently closed.
I want to thank the hundreds of people who came through our doors and added their energy to this amazing place. Special thanks to Christine Juckett who stepped up at the very beginning and gave us the solid foundation of a website, a way to process enrollments and offer classes, and who offered her love as a teacher, practitioner and as a student.

Christine Juckett

She was a constant source of optimism and support to me personally as a small business owner and made the task of running Just Breathe actually manageable.

To the teachers and practitioners who provided a steady flow of interesting, experiential, and motivational classes, I say thank you for making Just Breathe a very special place for our community to gather and practice, learn, and be together. Thanks to everyone who submitted a class proposal for being brave and willing to put yourself out there and do your thing! Just Breathe launched more than a few people on their way to being comfortable teaching and practicing their healing gifts.
I know we will all miss this light and bright space with its cozy, comforting atmosphere and plenty of colored lights! There was good energy here.
Just Breathe is a concept more than a space and I know the teachers and students will continue to move forward with their work.
I will continue to offer my services to the public through my website and my Facebook page by the same name.
I will forever be grateful to the Universe, Angels and Guides, and to the many beautiful souls who supported this work which allowed Just Breathe to come into being. It is a seed that has been planted, and while the space is being released back to the Universe, the concept will continue to germinate and grow in Divine Timing.

Rita Strough

Much love and many blessings!
Rita Strough
Just Breathe Spiritual Community Center
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